School Management Board ​

Chairman :   Dr. Yuen Tai Tong Tony
Members:    Rev. Li Yat Shing Daniel
                      Rev. Lau Yat Chiu Tony
                      Rev. Ip Tai Cheong
                      Rev. Fung Tat Yeung Gene
                      Ms. Au Pui Yee
                      Mr. Hui Ka Yan Joseph

Executive Director : Rev. Dr. Allan T.Y. Yung

Role of the School Management Board:
• Establishes purpose and goals of the school.
• Establishes procedures and policies for the administration of the school’s educational programs and services so as to achieve the goals.
• Monitors the operation of the school such that it is operated according to the vision and mission of the school, the Education Ordinance of Hong Kong, and to support the achievement of the School-wide Learner Outcomes.

• Appointment and deployment of the school's senior management.
• Oversees the school’s annual budget and resources deployment.


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