Curriculum Overview ​

The curriculum at Concordia International School is based on North America’s best educational practices with a focus on the “core four” academic disciplines: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.  Our high school program’s foundation is based upon the College Board’s SAT and AP curriculum specifications.  Courses offered at Concordia are:

      Grade 7-8         Grade 9         Grade 10Grade 11-12


Social Studies



Teaching Strategy- enquiry-based approach with emphasis on foundation building.

Science (covers foundation Chemistry, Biology and Physics)

Ancient History

Math (covers Pre-SAT Math )

English (endeavor to write Pre-SAT English)

Science (covers foundation  Chemistry, Biology and Physics)

Modern History (covers SAT World History)

Math (covers SAT Reasoning Math)

English (endeavor to write SAT Reasoning English)

AP Physics

AP/SAT Chemistry

SAT Biology 

AP Psychology

AP Microeconomics

AP Calculus

Pre-Calculus  (covers SAT Math Level 2)

SAT& Business Math (covers SAT Math Level 1)

English 11 (students prepared to write SAT Reasoning and TOEFL English)

English 12 (students prepared to write SAT Reasoning English, eligible students are prepared to write SAT Literature or AP English)

Digital Literacy

Visual Arts

Dramatic Arts

Chinese Studies

Sports and Recreation

Global Leadership


Computer Programming    Graphic Design

Visual Arts                         Performing Arts

Sports and Recreation      Chinese Studies

Global Leadership             YMCA                    

Chinese Studies (eligible students are prepared to write SAT Chinese or AP Chinese)

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Sports and Recreation

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