ESL Program:
It is school’s policy that students whose English is weak in academic study are strongly recommended to join the school's ESL Program to improve their English skills. New students admitted with lower WIDA scores OR a student who scores a grade less than 60% in his/her regular English Course in a school term or scores a Lexile reader measure which is below the grade’s cutting range, is  also recommended to attend the ESL Program until his/her English proficiency has reached the required standard for the grade.

The ESL Program specifically targets to improve students’ English and literacy in their core subjects. These classes consists of small groups so the ESL teacher is able to address each student’s weaknesses and make immediate improvements.

Tutorial Classes:
Students who fail a core subject in a school term may attend a 20-hours after-school revision course on the subject to improve and to earn the credit missed. Such tutorial courses are provided by an outsourced learning centre, but conducted on campus.

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