Grade LevelSchool Fee Per TermTerm 1 Fee Due By July 31Total Yearly Fees Due By January 31

The above stated fees do not include the cost of the school's ESL Program or Remedial classes, activity week, registration of external tests/exams, procurement of an Apple laptop for study, or professional service for Inclusive Education.

A General Deposit is collected from each student at registration for outsourced programs organized by school, external exams and other personal expenses ($15,000 for Grade 11 – 12 and $10,000 for Grade 7 – 10). Any unused portion of the General Deposit will be carried forward to the next school year or refunded at the end of the school year if the student is not returning.

The school fees for each term is non-refundable. Please see here for the full refund policy. The annual school fee covers the cost of school supplies lent to the students such as paper textbooks, ebooks, digital learning platforms and classroom supplies. 

Note: Registration of a school place requires an initial payment of $15,000 Advance Fee and this amount will be adjusted from the term I school fee which is payable at the beginning of the academic year.

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