School YearStudying

2020-2021Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU)
Simon Fraser University (Canada)Bachelor of Business
University of California, San DiegoBachelor of Arts (World Literature and Culture)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST),
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Business and Management, Quantitative Finance
Jinan University, GuangzhouBachelor of Journalism Studies
Open University of Hong KongBachelor of Applied Psychology and Business Management with Honours
University of Toronto, CanadaComputer Science, Business
The University of Sydney,
The University of New South Wales,
Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU), Lingnan University
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communications)

City University of Hong Kong (CityU),
Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU),
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)
High Diploma of Engineering
2019-2020University of California Santa Barbara (USA)Bachelor of Arts (Communication)
Simon Fraser University (Canada)Bachelor of Arts (Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology)
Queen Mary University (UK)Bachelor of Science (Mathematics with Finance and Accounting)
City University of Hong KongBachelor of Business Administration (General Management )
Open University of Hong KongBachelor of Social Science with Honors (Psychology)
Open University of Hong KongBachelor of Social Science with Honors (Psychology)
2018-2019University of Science and Technology, Hong KongBachelor of Engineering
University of Washington, Seattle (USA)Bachelor of Science and Arts in Architecture
Monash University, AustraliaBachelor of Pharmacy
University of East Anglia (UK)Bachelor of Commerce (Business and Management
Rutgers University (USA)Bachelor of Arts (Economics/Statistics)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityBachelor of Commerce (Business Management and Marketing)
Education University of Hong KongBachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Birmingham City University, UKBachelor of Science in Music Technology
Stony Brook University, USAUndecided
University of KeeleBachelor of Arts in Economics
Shenzhen UniversityChinese Language Program
2017-2018University of CalgaryBachelor of Kinesiology
University of CalgaryBachelor of Commerce Finance
New South WalesBachelor of Commerce
University of QueenslandBachelor of Journalism
University of British ColumbiaBachelor of Food Nutrition and Health Science
University of GreenwichBachelor of Accounting & Finance
Dublin City UniversityBachelor of Science
Royal College of MusicBachelor of Music
City UniversityInternational Business Management
2016-2017Binghamton University, US
New York University, US
Concordia University, Irvine, USAIEP Program
Open University of Hong KongB. A. in English Language
Baptist University, Hong KongFinance
The Polytechnic University of Hong KongCommunication Design
City University, Hong KongManagement
2015-2016Queensland University of Technology, AustraliaFinance
Fraser International College, CanadaArt & Environmental Technology
Sophia University, JapanEducation
International Christian University, JapanLiberal Arts
Pennsylvania State University - University Park, USACivil Engineering
Concordia University, Nebraska, USACriminology/Law
University of Toledo, USAComputer Science
Pepperdine University, USA
Syracuse University, USAArt & Science
Vanguard University, USAArts& Design, Business
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, USABusiness
2014-2015University in ThailandHotel Management
SCAD, Hong Kong
UPHSD, PhilippinesDentistry
California State University Monterey Bay, USACulture & Communication
Brigham Young University, USAMathematics
University of Sydney, Australia
Nottingham University, UKComputer Studies
Northumbria UKFashion
Southern New Hamsphire University, USAMathematics
SCAD, Hong Kong
University of Navarra, Spain
SCAD, Hong Kong
IVE, Hong KongComputer studies
Hong Kong Arts Institution
SCAD, Hong Kong
2013-2014New South Wales University, AustraliaFoundation course
Simon Fraser International College, CanadaGeneral Studies
Ohio Wesleyan University, USAEconomic & Management
Leeward Community College, Hawaii, USAAssociated Degree in Business Technology
HKMA, Hong KongBA in Marketing 
SCAD, Hong KongGraphic Design 
SCAD, Hong KongGraphic Design 
Raffles, Hong KongGraphic Design
University of Manitoba, CanadaFoundation Course
Andrews University - Adventist CollegeHealth & Fitness 
Marymount California University, USABio-med and media studies 
New York City Technology, USAAccounting
Royal Brisbane International CollegeAdvanced Diploma in Hospitality
Yokohama National University, JapanHuman Science
Marymount California University, USABusiness studies
Delaware County Community College, Pennsylvania, USA
Diablo Valley College, California, USAHuman Resources
2012-2013University of York, Canada
City University Community CollegeEngineering
Centennial CollegeLanguage Program
Open University of Hong KongBachelor of Busines Administration
National Taiwan University
Sophia University, Japan
University of York, Canada
University of Sheffield, United KingdomFoundation Program
University of New Castle, United KingdomMarketing
Vancouver V College, Canada
Pre-University Course in Japan
Chinese University Community CollegeHuman Resources & Management
2011-2012Hang Seng Comunity CollegeBusiness Studies
De Anza College, USAPolitical Science
De Anza College, USABusiness Studies
University of Simon Fraser, CanadaCriminology
SCAD University, Hong KongFashion Marketing
Hang Seng Community CollegeCommunication
City University of Hong KongEngineering
University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Brigham Young University, USAPsychology
Centennial College Hong Kong
Tokyo University of Marine Science & Technology, JapanMarine Science
Simon Fraser University, CanadaSocial Science
Centennial College Hong Kong
Santa Monica College, USABusiness Program
2010-2011HKU SpaceBusiness Management
Soochow UniversityGerman Language
Swiss Hotel Management School, SwitzerlandHotel Management
Les Roches International School Of Hotel Management, SwitzerlandHotel Management
Aoyama Gakuin University, JapanInternational Communication
HKU SpaceMulti Media
Lingnan UniversityBusiness Studies (Accounting)
Mcquarie University, Sidney, AustraliaBusiness
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, JapanGlobal Business
Polytechnic UniversityHospitality
Sophia University, JapanLiberal Arts
Kobe Gakuin University, JapanNutrition
HKU SpaceHospitality & Hotel Management
San Francisco University, USA
2009-2010Cyrus College, USABusiness
University of Queensland, AustraliaLanguage
University of Greenwich, UKComputer
Hong Kong Baptist University
University of Queensland, AustraliaPsychology
University in Australia
University of Queensland, Australia
Tsukuba University, JapanInternational Affairs
2008-2009ARC Academy, JapanChinese Studies
Tsukuba University, JapanSocial Engineering
Deakin University, AustraliaArchitecture
ARC Academy Language School, Japan
RMIT College, Melbourne, Australia
Swiss Hotel Management School, Switzerland
Yokohama National University, JapanAccounting
York University, Toronto, Canada
Fraser International College, Vancouver, Canada
University of New South Wales, Australia
Chicago College, USAArchitecture
Mahidol University, ThailandBusiness Economics
2007-2008ARC Academy, JapanJapanese Language
University of Manitoba, CanadaArts
Bunka Woman University, JapanFashion
East Los Angeles College, USAFinance
Windsor University, CanadaBusiness
 Bronte College, Ontario CanadaBusiness
Trinity College, Univ. of Melbourne, AustraliaEngineering
University of Waterloo, CanadaBusiness
Chiba Aiken Dobutsu Gakuen CollegeVeterinary Nurse & Technicians
EL Camino College, LA, USABusiness
Aoyamaeakuin University, JapanInt'l Politics on Economics
2005-2006No information gathered.
2006-2007No information gathered.
2004-2005Chuo University, JapanBusiness & Management
Rikkyo University, JapanPrimary School Education
Monash University, Melbourne AustraliaBusiness Studies
Durham University, United KingdomEnglish Literature
Durham University, United KingdomAccounting & Finance
Griffiths University, AustraliaSocial Studies
Accepted by Keio University, JapanDepartment of Law
Accepted by Sophia University, JapanDepartment of Economics
Sophia University, JapanComparative Culture
Accepted by Tokyo University of ScienceIndustrial Administration
Marymount College, California, U.S.A.Business Studies
Sierra College, U.S.A.Public Relations
Monash University, Melbourne Australia
Accepted by Keio University, JapanFaculty of Law, Economic, Business & Commerce
Accepted by Waseda University, JapanFaculty of Arts & Sci, Commerce, School of Education
2003-2004Hosei UniversityBA in Psychology
Waseda UniverisitySports Psychology & Exercise.
Accepted by University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, and also by Hosei University.BA in International Culture
City University of Hong Kong, Fairleigh Dickson University, New JerseyLaw,  B.A. Psychology
 Keio University, Japan
Accepted by Barnard College NYU
Accepted by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
International College of Tourism & Hotel Management, Sydney.B. Hotel Management
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University [partial scholarship]                                                         B. Social Science.
Accepted by Victoria University, Australia
Return to study in Japan and will apply to university for entrance in April 2005
Rikkoyo University, JapanToursim
Has applied to community college in California.
2002-2003Accepted by Tokyo Woman's University, Seisen University (Tokyo), Rikkyo UniversityComparative Studies in English & Japanese
Shinawatra University, Thailand.Bachelor of Business Administration
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University [scholarship]Bachelor of Business Administration
Waseda University and Gakushuin both accepted this student.Literature
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University [scholarship]Bachelor of Business Administration
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityNursing studies
City Polytechnic UniversityAssociate Degree
Accepted by University of Miami [scholarship], Knox College[scholarship] and
Queensland University of Technology
Bachelor of Computing Science
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University [scholarship]Bachelor of Business Administration
Waseda UniversityBusiness Studies
2001-2002Accepted by University of Melbourne, University of Sydney & University of Queensland.
Queensland UniversityBusiness Studies
University of MelbourneBachelor of Commerce (3 years)
Simon Frasier UniversityEngineering
Nippon Taiiku UniversityHealth Science
University of MelbourneBachelor of Resources Management (3 years){did not decide to attend]
Monash UniversityBA: Management.
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University [scholarship]Bachelor of Business Administration.
University of British ColumbiaBachelor of Arts
Ateneo de Manilla UniversityBachelor of Management Information  Science
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityBachelor of Fashion Design
2000-2001Aoyama UniversityEnglish
Hawaii Community CollegeGeneral Studies
University of HawaiiZoology
Hong Kong UniversityBachelor of Business & Accounting
University of New South WalesBachelor of Business
University of MassachusettsBusiness
Simon Frasier UniversityBusiness
Knox College, IllinoisPolitical Science
Queensland UniversityEnvironmental Science
Queensland UniversityBusiness Studies
Kansai University (Osaka, Japan)Commerce
Baptist UniversityAssociate Degree
English Prep-school (Canada)TOEFL Preparations
State University of New York at FredoniaComputer Graphics
1999-2000Waseda UniversityChinese Studies
Oxnard College, CaliforniaBusiness Studies
Santa Monica Junior College
Albright College
Infinity CollegeComputer
Dankook UniversitySocial Science
Mount AllisonBusiness 
1998-1999San Antonio College, USA
She was offered a place by Housei University, Komazawa Univeristy and Sensyuu University
Hong Kong PolytechnicPhysiotherapy
College of Marin, USA
University of California at Los AngelesChemistry
University of Hong KongSocial Sciences
1997-1998Saint Louis University, St. Louis, USA
Attending university in Queensland, Australia
City University of Hong KongEnglish for Professional Communication
Middle Sex UniversityHospitality Management (Graduation date: 2001)
University of Ottawa, CanadaScience
Tamagawa University, TokyoForeign languages
She was offered a place by Chuo University, Seikei University and Komazawa University.
University of California at DavisStatistics
1996-1997Gakushuin Women' College, Japan
Pasadena City College, USAArt
Edith Cowen University, AustraliaComputer Science
Mount Royal College, CanadaEnglish
Design First School, Hong KongDesign
Pepperdine University
Chu Hai College, Hong KongComputer Science
Dong-Guk UniversityChinese in liberal arts
Ah-Ju UniversityArchitecture
Kansei Gakuim University, JapanGeneral Information Policy
Queensland University of TechnologyComputer Studies
1995-1996Ryerson Polytechnic, CanadaAutomotive Eng.
Brigham University in USA transfer to Chinese University of Hong KongSports Science
Mc Master University
City University of Hong KongEnglish for Professional Communication
University of San Franciso, USAScience
Washington University, St. LouisPsychology
conscription in Singapore
City University of Hong KongLaw
1994-1995University of AlbertaEconomics
Cal. State Northridge UniversityInterior Design
California State University, FresnoManagement
Swiss School of Hotel and SSH Tourism Management ChurHotel management
Was admitted to Lingnan College, Hong KongSocial Science