Credit information


To graduate with a high school diploma from Concordia International School a student must have at least 24 credits from courses taken in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 as listed below:

The following 20 credits are minimal prerequisites for graduation:

  • 4 Credits in English from Writer’s Course or English 9 or English 10 or English 11 or English 12 or Literature.
  • 4 Credits in Mathematics from Algebra I or Geometry or Algebra II or Integrated Math I-III or Algebra & Trigonometry or Statistics or Pre-Calculus or Calculus.
  • 4 Credits in Science from Earth Science or Life Science or Physical Science or Physics or Biology or Chemistry or Environmental Science.
  • 4 Credits in Social Science from Social Studies or Asian History or Human Geography or World History or Economics or Psychology or Sociology.
  • 2 Credits in Fine Arts from Art (Gr. 9-12) or Drama (Gr. 10).
  • 1 Credit in Information Technology from Computer Courses (Gr. 9-12).
  • 1 Credit in Sports from Recreation & Sports (Gr. 9-10).
  • 1 credit is given to a course that meets no less than 100 hours per year.

Credits are earned on a term’s work and there are 2 terms in each year.


All students must be in regular attendance to be eligible for promotion/graduation. A student who is not in regular attendance may not be offered a position in the school in the next term. Only students with 95% attendance are eligible for First Class Diplomas. A student with poorer attendance will be awarded a lesser class of Diploma.

All grade 11 students must sit the TOEFL examination in May. All grade 11-12 students must sit the SAT Reasoning in January and AP exams in May. Therefore, in addition to all of the required school credits, all graduating students must have TOEFL, and AP/SAT scores.


Concordia will recognize successful course work done by students in licensed schools in other countries. Transferring students must complete at least one academic year at Concordia to graduate from the school with a high school diploma.


Concordia uses a North American grading system that is a blend of American and Canadian Systems and is similar to the standards adopted by North American universities.

A credit value of 1.0 is given to a course that meets no less than 100 hours per year. Thus a course having one forty-minute class per day for 180 days in a school year is assigned a credit value of 1. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is the weighted sum of the grade points earned, divided by the total credit value for courses studied. GPAs are calculated per term (half-yearly) while cumulative (CGPA) is determined over all the terms that the student attends the school. Anything below 50% is considered Fail.