Our high school program’s foundation is based upon the College Board’s SAT and AP curriculum specifications. High school students at Concordia who are preparing themselves for university or college in the United States or elsewhere including Hong Kong can qualify for admission by writing and excelling in the SAT Reasoning, Subject Tests and the TOEFL-iBT test in English proficiency.

Students with good AP scores are generally admitted in preference by universities all over the world. Successful completion of AP courses always places a student in a more advantageous position in college application.

High School students at Concordia write the following tests and exams annually:

Grade 10-11 Students:

  • PSAT in October

Grade 11-12 Students:

  • SAT Reasoning Test in January
  • SAT Subject Tests in June
  • AP Exams in May

Grade 11 Students:

  • TOEFL-iBT in May

Preparation for the above stated tests/exams is built into our regular High School curriculum. Therefore, students are prepared for university/college entrance upon completing Grade 12 with our Graduation Diploma.

The following paragraph illustrates the admission requirements for a government funded University in Hong Kong for students from an American-patterned school system. These requirements serve to exemplify how our High School students ought to plan their study at Concordia for their next stage of education, be it in the United States or other overseas locations.

General Admission Requirements

  1. Graduation from high school, and
  2. SAT Reasoning Test with a minimum combined score of 1650, and
  3. 2 SAT Subject Tests, each with a minimum score of 500, or 2 AP courses, each with a minimum score of 3.

English Language Requirements

Minimum Attainment for any one of the following
  • TOEFL-iBT: 80
  • SAT Reasoning Test, writing sub-score: 8
  • AP English Language and Composition: 4
  • AP Literature and Composition: 4

Programme-specific and School-specific Requirements

Most Arts, Business and Social Sciences degree programs do not have additional specific subject requirements. However, for programs such as Science and Engineering, score/grade in specific subjects are usually required.


The formal and informal curriculum of the school is represented in our academic programs as well as through the experiential learning and service projects that extend learning beyond the school walls. A minimum of 30 hours of service learning through our Global Leadership Program is expected of every student.

Global Leadership activities organized in recent years include:

  • Leadership Training Workshop by Indier and A-Team
  • Weekly Global Leadership visits to the local community. This includes the SPCA and Lutheran Social Service centres and nurseries.
  • Cultural Exchange Trip to Kansai Japan organized by Youth Overseas Exchange Centre

  • Service Learning Trip to Cambodia organized by Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation.


ESL Program:

It is school’s policy that students whose English is weak in academic study are strongly recommended to join the school’s ESL Program to improve their English skills. New students admitted with lower WIDA scores OR a student who scores a grade less than 60% in his/her regular English Course in a school term or scores a Lexile reader measure which is below the grade’s cutting range, is  also recommended to attend the ESL Program until his/her English proficiency has reached the required standard for the grade.

The ESL Program specifically targets to improve students’ English and literacy in their core subjects. These classes consists of small groups so the ESL teacher is able to address each student’s weaknesses and make immediate improvements.

Tutorial Classes:

Students who fail a core subject in a school term may attend a 20-hours after-school revision course on the subject to improve and to earn the credit missed. Such tutorial courses are provided by an outsourced learning centre, but conducted on campus.


The Physical Education program is designed for the students:

  • To develop physical competence and motor skills and to acquire knowledge of movement and safety, and their ability to use these to perform in a wide range of activities associated with the development of an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • To participate actively and regularly in at least one co-curricular physical activity.
  • To display appropriate etiquette and sportsmanship in physical activities and to show perseverance to face difficulties in daily life.
  • To develop their confidence and generic skills, especially those of collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and aesthetic appreciation.
  • To nurture positive values and attitudes in PE, provide a good foundation for students’ lifelong and life-wide learning.

Besides the regular P.E. program offered to grades 7-10 students, they also have sports activities at the King’s Park Centenary Centre of YMCA every Friday afternoon.

At CISHK students are divided into four Houses for competition – Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Various club activities are organized on Wednesday afternoons by students.

To further enrich our regular PE program, distinguished guests on sports are invited to the school to provide demonstrations from time to time.

As well as developing the diverse skills of all students, our extra-curricular activities have provided students the chance to enrich their school life in Concordia.


Our student body is multi-national and multi-cultural. They come from different ethnic backgrounds, which is something we are proud of at Concordia. Since Putonghua is an important world language, it is our policy that learning Chinese is mandatory for all students.

In the Chinese language class, non-Chinese students are streamed separately from their ethnic Chinese classmates. Ethnic Chinese students naturally follow a more demanding school curriculum which is based upon the curriculum framework of the Education Bureau of Hong Kong for local schools. Non-Chinese students, on the other hand, have to follow a school curriculum which places more emphasis on speaking and listening skills. The curriculum we adopt is from the Californian Department of Education for Foreign Languages.

Our Putonghua courses prepare Concordia students to write the SAT Subject Test in Chinese with Listening or the AP Exam in Chinese Language and Culture when they move up to Grades 11-12.