Scholarships and awards

Concordia International School offers the following scholarships and awards to eligible students.

Entrance Scholarships

  • This scholarship is offered to a selected small number of candidates who have outstanding performance at the Placement Test for entrance to Concordia International School.
  • The worth of a full scholarship is 50% of a full year’s tuition fee and that of a half-scholarship is 25% of a full year’s tuition fee, payable in two installments to the scholarship holder’s fee account to off-set school fees owed. The scholarship can only be used to off-set school fees for studying in Concordia International School by the scholarship holder.
  • A scholarship holder may be nominated for the same scholarship in the next school year if:
    1. he/she passes all the courses and obtains A- or above for all the courses studies in the current year (in both Term 1 and Term 2); and
    2. he/she has not received a demerit in the current year.
  • Should any ambiguities arise, the school reserves the final right on interpreting the conditions for the award of the scholarship.

Provided the above stated conditions are met, it is possible that a student entering Concordia International School with an Entrance Scholarship would be able to receive the same scholarship for every year until he/she graduates from the school.

Bursary Awards for the Graduating Class

Academic Achievement Award

The highest in-school academic average in the “Core subjects” of English, Mathematics, Social Science and Science.

Academic Achievement (SAT) Award

The highest total score for the SAT Reasoning test written in January by a student graduating in June.

Leadership/Service Award

This award recognizes the students who have demonstrated leadership skills while positively contributing to the overall school environment.

Certain other conditions may apply and decisions made by all faculty members are final. An individual student may only receive one of these awards.


Position Award

The highest academic average in a class.

Subject Award

The highest academic average in a subject within the same grade level.