Withdrawal and refund policies


Concordia International School recognizes the right of currently enrolled students and families to consider other educational options during the school year.

Should the situation arise where a family wishes to withdraw their child from the school, the family is required to provide the General Office with written confirmation one calendar month in advance of the date of withdrawal.

Families are reminded that by registering their children in Concordia International School, families have entered a contractual agreement with the school for their children to study in this school for at least one school term. The school operates on a fixed budget based on projected enrollment, all school fees received are non-refundable.

If a student does not attend the school after registration for a continuous period of 2 weeks without any approval from the school, the child’s school place will be cancelled. All school fees paid will be forfeited.


It is important for families to realize before they register their children in Concordia International School that school fees are collected by school term in CISHK and not by calendar month as with some other schools. This school is approved by the EDB to collect the annual school fees in 2 installments to cover services provided to students term by term. Therefore, parents pay fees twice a year at the beginning of each term. Parents facing financial difficulty may consult the Principal for an alternative arrangement.

To reserve a place in the school for an upcoming school year, a Registration Fee of HK$15,000 is required. This should be paid immediately upon receiving the letter of acceptance for new students and before the end of May for returning students. The registration fee is refundable before 31 July for returning students, and before the last day of the period of offer for new students. Payments are strictly non-refundable thereafter. The registration fee is fully deductible from the first installment.

If a student does not attend the school after the place is accepted and registration is completed, the registration fee of $15,000 will be forfeited. Parents should consider carefully before making any payment.

For the benefit of our students and stakeholders, the school operates on a precisely configured fixed budget based on projected enrolment. Families are informed that any refund of school fees, in partial or full, is not possible.

Besides the School Fees, parents also need to pay a refundable General Deposit of HK$10,000/HK$15000 before the commencement of the first term for out-sourced and/or above standard programs and for other personal expenses during the year. If a family has already given the General Office written notification to withdraw a student one calendar month in advance, then the un-used portion of the General Deposit will be refunded.


Please note that this school holds parents, not employers, to be liable for all school fees and other payments due to the school. Where payments are made by employers, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the company makes payment.

Concordia International School adopts a rolling admission policy to assist expatriates relocating to Hong Kong during the year, students can be admitted after the term has begun and fees will be calculated on case by case basis, quarterly or monthly as appropriate.

Service is held on all school records if school fee payments remain outstanding.

Late fees (0.5% of fees owed) will be incurred within one week after the payment due date. Parents/Guardians should inform the school of any payment concerns that may arise.